Re-imagining publishes articles that seek to take an in-depth look at the most pressing issues and questions facing our species today with well-constructed arguments, creative and nuanced reflections, and high quality writing. In addition, we will publish a small amount of poetry, fiction, and visual art.
Themes for these issues include the following.
Summer 2016: I Can’t Breathe: Mass Extinction & Mass Incarceration (deadline June 15)
Autumn 2016: Mindfulness in an Age of Constant Connection (deadline September 15)
Winter 2017: Capitalism in an Age of Zero Growth (deadline December 15)
While it is good to keep these themes in mind, any submission will be considered that is consistent with our statement of intent.
While we may look at a complete, unsolicited article, it is best to first submit a CV, proposal (no more than a page) and writing sample. Submissions can be sent to