Month: April 2016


I remember being indifferent in the third grade when it was getting closer to February and the thrills of the holidays were on their last linger. In my family I heard jokes about being black that I didn’t quite understand and I was made aware that I was somehow special because I had a lighter complexion and curly hair.   The hue of my cousins that I loved to play with varied from mocha brown to dark ebony to high yellow, but we fortunately didn’t assign value or a hierarchy to it like the adults did. I would never understand...

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The Wild God

I am a spiritual mutt. The parentage of my faith is a blend of many bloods—the product of many intersecting philosophies. I’ve passed through almost every world religion at some point, looking for the ever-elusive “truth”. Only ever finding varying approaches to the same set of questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Is there something greater? Are we alone or are we all connected? I spent a number of years locked away with my books, fiddling with the pieces of the greater puzzle. Frustrated by everything I couldn’t understand, I gave up my belief. It wasn’t until...

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