Month: July 2016

Revisiting History : Donald Trump and the Idea of America

 It is not merely the presidency that is at stake in the upcoming election but rather the future of the country and of the free world. While some might deem this hyperbole, the fateful times in which we live and the extraordinary character of the candidates involved legitimate the claim. It would therefore be wise to attempt to renew and clarify our vision of the principles upon which the American system of government was founded so as to have map and compass in hand as we the people choose a new helmsman or woman—one charged with the task of...

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The Mindful Morning

I crossed my feet and mindfully watched my ankles rub together. I felt the tingly heat from the friction against my skin. It quickly danced up my legs and thighs and settled in my belly. I inhaled. Deeply. The leftover warmth swirled up my spine and then down my arms. I exhaled slowly, letting my eyelids close and my belly release. “Are you sure you don’t want a Xanax?” I could hear the words echoing off the walls in the small, well-decorated den. I opened my eyes as I shook my head. The artwork against the walls had been...

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Mindfulness in the New Colonial Age

It’s estimated that the average person now sees about 5,000 ads a day. The all-consuming impact of technology infiltrates your life on a daily basis, and it has a voracious appetite that demands your attention.  We are living in a new age, not just an age of distraction but a new colonial age where the colonial lords no longer need proxy armies to exploit the resources of others. They have Madison Avenue and multi-media empires instead. And make no mistake about it. They are mining your attention. They will do whatever it takes to get you to buy their...

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The Mowed Meadow; An Extended Meditation

“Whatever preserves and enhances the meadow in its natural cycles of transformation is good; whatever opposes the meadow or negates it is not good.” Father Thomas Berry 1. The meadow was mowed this morning sometime between the morning dew and noonday heat. Initially, I blocked out the drone reverberating through the neighborhood. But now I am standing on the edge of the field where a vibrant ecosystem once bloomed and buzzed amid red-orange Indian paintbrush. All that’s left are clumps of death, drying to straw in the summer afternoon sun. An inexplicable sense of betrayal roots me to the...

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Opening Statement…

  not a rappers delight just trying to get my line tight sharpening my forethought meditating to get my mind right willing to fast for freedom brothers sitting on time and I’m wishing my writing could free them wishing the lighting could see them/ more hoping my thoughts become before we be claiming sets but there be no return through that door prelude the beginning suffering mass incarcerations but some claiming we winning writing for half glasses writing for love of the masses we be scribbling freedom on pages but can’t pass classes still divorcing self of who I...

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