Month: July 2016

Life Behind Bars

Whether or not we think we may know what goes on in prisons, one cannot come close to truly understanding what it is like behind bars, unless you actually experience it for yourself. And although it is very unlikely that I myself will ever experience it first hand, I do know someone who has. Imagine a 21-year-old male who was just arrested for petty theft. After appearing before a judge without a lawyer, he is found guilty and sentenced to 14 months in prison. This 21 year old is my older brother. We’ll call him Man-Man. And the following...

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Featured Artist: Jennifer Hereth

ARTIST STATEMENT    In response to a violent year in minority communities in Chicago, 2016, my studio efforts concentrated on using my exhibiting opportunities to bring awareness where possible. Collateral Kids, Disposable Fashions and Futures, branded our societies casual attitude towards the deaths of young African American males and young Muslim girls being sold as suicide bombers. White Lies Madder, concentrated on the white lies white Americans tell ourselves to feel better and not face the serious ongoing racism in our nation. Friendly Fire looked at the young children and gang family members being targeted in black on black killings as year progressed....

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Innocent Until Proven Black: A Eulogy for Black Males… But, Can We Live?

opening statement… not a rappers delight just trying to get my line tight sharpening my forethought meditating to get my mind right willing to fast for freedom brothers sitting on time and I’m wishing my writing could free them wishing the lighting could see them/ more hoping my thoughts become before we be claiming sets but there be no return through that door prelude the beginning suffering mass incarcerations but some claiming we winning writing for half glasses writing for love of the masses we be scribbling freedom on pages but can’t pass classes still divorcing self of who...

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An American Imposter

Where are you from? I find no question more awkward and difficult to answer while traveling abroad. I was born in Chicago, but lived in Austria from 1996 to 1999, and I spend at least several weeks each year in Lithuania, visiting the last time in May and June of 2016. In Austria I learned to speak German well enough to hold my own in conversations about virtually any topic. While I was perceived as foreign, people often pegged my accent as Eastern European or Nordic but not automatically American. My Lithuanian—which I spoke at home before learning English...

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Miss Chicago

Taking a breath….you a lucky one You went out to eat where? And you don’t rap or sell drugs? You a lucky one I look out my window before I go to school All these darn precautions I wish I went to hell and back… I would’ve finally got to relax The city I live in infamous Chiraq, Chitown, Chi Ghanistan, Chicago Where we put the 45 to your chest like Jordan was coming back We like fast lanes, the far left, make the fastest cash If we can’t get what we want from you- we hit where it...

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