Month: July 2017

Open Letter To Business Owners & Leaders

“Power is concerned with what has already happened; strength with what has yet to happen.” — James Carse Dear Business Leaders & Owners, I know you are feeling uneasy. Despite reports of widespread record profits, and the Dow being at an all-time high, you sense a big shift is underway that is shaking the foundations of capitalism. We are facing political upheaval, disengaged workers, constant disruption, and an accelerating pace of change. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are now common enough refrains that we’ve borrowed the military acronym “VUCA” to describe the nature of these times. Deep down inside,...

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Matrix Fodder

Teach your children well, Their father’s hell will slowly go by, And feed them on your dreams The one they pick, the one you’ll know by. – Graham Nash (slightly altered) In the twenty years I have worked with middle school students, I have heard many parents express real anxiety about the role of education in preparing their children for life. The sentiment that has come to worry me the most is the one that pleads, “I would like my child to become a critical thinker, a creative problem solver, and a caring and collaborative citizen in a democratic...

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Confronting Our Growth Obsession Head On

  Lately it seems as if the entire world is veering wildly off course. From climate change to species extinctions to rising inequality, many people – not to mention nature – are crying out for a better world. Despite stark warnings, society blindly stumbles forward with business as usual, in the face of reality urging us to do something different. Humans are altering the planet in such a great way that scientists are considering changing the name of the current geological epoch to be called the Anthropocene. The main driving force of the Anthropocene is an economic model based...

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The End Of Capitalism

[The following article contains excerpts from the forthcoming book, The Great Re-imagining: Spirituality in an Age of Apocalypse  available through Homebound publications] The new economy had to be embodied, value had to be expressed and experienced as the sensuous. The problem he had, as he sniffed the sea and rode in darkness towards a possible death, was that he had no words for this economy. For every word he uttered seemed to occupy some non-spatial space, a place that existed only in the mind. Words referring only to other words, just as in finance money made money, without any bodily-experienced product....

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Businesses as a lever for social change – a path from inc to coop

Businesses are one of the most underutilized levers for social change. I have discovered that when a business develops self-reflective humans with agency and competency around power and money it is also creating engaged and performing teams and more engaged humans. In 2007, I co-founded Percolab, a consultancy firm dedicated to developing our collective capacity to collaborate and innovate. At its very start Percolab had  two unconventional notions: first, clients have the insights and answers to their own challenges and emerging future; second, we need to do “good work”  for collective impact, including open source tools, open knowledge, open...

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