Month: July 2017

The Future of Business for These Transformative Times

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, ‘In times of great winds, some build bunkers, others build windmills.’ We are living in these times of great winds. Winds of change are blowing through us challenging each and every organization. The now trendy managerial acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) goes a long way in describing this business context we find ourselves in. We are not just dealing with transformation; we are dealing with unceasing transformation. Such times of uncertainty and volatility naturally invoke fear in us, yet it is a fearful clinging to the tried-and-tested status quo...

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Name the 21st century: Adultum

In the current crisis of democracy and at the end of economic growth we need the narrative of an age of adult world citizens. This new narrative is about the analogy between the life phase of a person at the end of physical growth, the adult age, and the present political and economic situation at the limits of growth, the experiences of the degrowth. Just as individual adulthood results in the end of physical growth accompanied by an intellectual and emotional maturity that allows one to recognize the consequences of one’s actions, humanity must also reach a collective adulthood that allows us to bring forth a civilization no longer reliant on perpetual consumption and growth. This comparison is not to be understood biologically or deterministically, but rather as a political narrative for critical-optimistic thinking and responsible behavior. Grown-up people stand in the tradition of the Enlightenment, which called on all men to use the intellect without the guidance of another. Immanuel Kant saw in this point the exit of man from his self-inflicted immaturity. Today one can formulate in an enlargement that only in this responsibility will the exit of self-produced politically, ecological and economic crises exist, if mature citizens are willing to take responsibility. Therefore, the coming age—in the sense of a narrative, but not less critical understanding—should be called adultum, as an age of mature world citizens....

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Low Areas

The low areas succumb To a crisp veil of white Some say a killing frost But not really Nature preparing For its winter sleep Not all plants this time Some protected By height Others by location But, not to worry All soon are chosen Then We...

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Oh the cold

Oh The cold Chill instilled In my soul A January Wind whipped Breeze Broken Not by The weathered Thaw from A warm south West breeze In my face On this winters Eve.. As My steps along A dark path Lit by a Full wolf Moon are Brightened By Just three Small Words I love you… Not unfamiliar In there Nature Yet, These three Small words Spoken From truth Warm this Old tired Soul Hope now Strengths My cadence Now joined Together… Love eternally...

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