Month: September 2017

Education And The Wild

The best school I ever went to was behind my garage. There was no actual school behind my garage, of course, but I did learn a great deal there. I grew up in the city of Rochester, NY, in a neighborhood with ample space for a child to roam and play and in a time—the seventies and eighties—in which parents had not yet become too scared to let children roam and play. The first roaming I did was between my friend’s house, directly behind mine, and the space behind our garage. It was certainly not a rural area, but...

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Letter From Camp Director

This summer The Chicago Wisdom Project launched our first ever summer camp. Although this was our pilot camp, we have been taking our youth out of the city into rural settings on retreats from the beginning. Our retreats have always been an important and impactful piece of our program and this is what led us to wanting to make more of an impact through summer camp. Getting out of the city gives our youth a chance to disconnect from the stress and chaos of the city. It also gives them a chance to disconnect from their cell phones and...

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Let This Be the Sunday

Let this Be the Sunday                                                                Let this be the Sunday when bigotry ends, Let this be the Sunday when new dawns begin, Let this be the Sunday when white hoods burn, Let this be the Sunday when ancestors yearning For justice find their joy   When every person – Girl or boy Cis or trans Look around and sees God’s hand Sees all the hues For what they...

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She Enters

Silently enters A cue long Since established Ushering fun, Sun, sand, Trees, marshmallows On a fire pit Joyous days For many The Summer solstice Arrives with heralded Desires Enjoy natures Respite From cold And dark Enjoy natures Sparkling Sounds For we begin On this same Day a march To other.   Why do I write poetry? That is a simple question that I guess is the best way to start this explanation of my work. Well, it is actually the, way I journal.   I find myself writing at all times of the day, and within all types of...

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