Author: Darrin Drda

Confronting the Void We Avoid

Comedians play a unique and vital role in society. Like the tribal tricksters and court jesters of yore, they serve to expose what is normally hidden, dropping truth in the guise of humor. One example of this subversive talent comes from Louis CK, whose 2013 rant about smartphones has since gone viral several times over. Chatting with Conan O’Brien, Louis describes smartphones as “toxic,” explaining, “You need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something. That’s what the phones are taking away.” With that point made, Louis swan dives into the deep end. “Underneath...

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America’s “Kidult” Crisis: What Trump, the Bundys, and Mass Shooters Have in Common

“All problems are psychological, but all solutions are spiritual.” ~Thomas Hora, MD   Even a cursory glance at the headlines in the United States reveals a divided and distressed country. Mass shootings are an increasingly regular occurrence, unarmed people of color are routinely gunned down by police while rifle-toting white reactionaries are allowed to roam freely and even occupy federal property, and the leading Republican candidate for President is a big-mouthed, bigoted billionaire bully who wants to ban Muslims and build walls. To this list we could add America’s staggering levels of wealth inequality, childhood poverty, and incarceration, along...

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