Author: Gabriel Pickus

Observing Youth Recover LIVE From Nature Deficit Disorder

Through my work directing the Baltimore Wisdom Project, Dr. Theodore Richards of the Chicago Wisdom Project invited me to be a teaching artist at their summer camp. This summer I had the opportunity to facilitate musical collaboration in Bradford Woods, Indiana with teenage youth mostly from the South Side of Chicago, in addition to two joining from Baltimore. The Baltimore parents were calling me by the time we arrived at camp, gravely concerned about their children because of text messages they had received during the bus ride. It was raining; the Chicago kids were “sassy, mean, older,” or, “saying...

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Towards A Wiser Baltimore

Introducing Wisdom Education to Baltimore In Baltimore, the 29th most populous city in the United States, 14 neighborhoods have “lower life expectancies than North Korea,” as the Washington Post revealed last year.[1] Among these neighborhoods is a West Baltimore area called Sandtown-Winchester where a 25-year-old African American man named Freddie Gray lived. Gray was allegedly killed by police officers after they arrested him in his neighborhood on dubious charges of carrying a switchblade. After a suspected “rough ride” in a police van, Gray died from spinal cord injuries on April 19, 2015.[2] This year, on June 23, Caesar Goodson,...

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