Author: Theodore Richards

Education And The Wild

The best school I ever went to was behind my garage. There was no actual school behind my garage, of course, but I did learn a great deal there. I grew up in the city of Rochester, NY, in a neighborhood with ample space for a child to roam and play and in a time—the seventies and eighties—in which parents had not yet become too scared to let children roam and play. The first roaming I did was between my friend’s house, directly behind mine, and the space behind our garage. It was certainly not a rural area, but...

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The End Of Capitalism

[The following article contains excerpts from the forthcoming book, The Great Re-imagining: Spirituality in an Age of Apocalypse  available through Homebound publications] The new economy had to be embodied, value had to be expressed and experienced as the sensuous. The problem he had, as he sniffed the sea and rode in darkness towards a possible death, was that he had no words for this economy. For every word he uttered seemed to occupy some non-spatial space, a place that existed only in the mind. Words referring only to other words, just as in finance money made money, without any bodily-experienced product....

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Mindfulness in an Age of Distraction

 [The Following article includes excerpts from the forthcoming book The Great Re-imagining: Spirituality in an Age of Apocalypse, available from Homebound Publications]  When was the last time you were alone? I mean really alone—not connected to the global monoculture through a smart phone or wifi. It is likely that it’s been a while, or at least that such moments have been infrequent. For most of us, something has happened very recently that has transformed our consciousness and literally reshaped the human brain. We will call it the Tech Revolution. We have entered the information age. It is telling that...

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I Can’t Breathe

“We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe” – Frantz Fanon   “I can’t breathe” – Eric Garner It seems like every day there is a new video. Men being choked to death; fathers murdered in front of their children; women brutalized and killed. We were told that, in the age of Obama, we were entering a “post-racial” period, just as we were once told that “There Is No Alternative” to Capitalism. It would appear that, just as climate change has exposed the fatal flaws of Capitalism, the Obama presidency has unveiled an America in...

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What is Education?

What are the qualities that make an educated human being? This is a question I’ve pondered a great deal. For it has always seemed to me to be a fundamental question for anyone interested in re-imagining education. After all, for any school or educational program to be useful, one ought to at least know what one means by “educated.” Strangely, this never seems to have occurred to most education policy makers. Leaving alone, for a moment, the argument against testing and assuming that a test is a good way to assess a student or school, how does one even...

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